10 ways to naturally increase YouTube views

Starting out as a video sharing website, YouTube has become a thumbnail of entertainment over the years. From short clips to feature-length movies, most of today’s video genres are shared on YouTube. It is growing so quickly that filmmakers all use YouTube to share and promote their movies instead of traditional media. At the same time, for publishers, YouTube is a fertile ground for a living, to get rich.

10 ways to naturally increase YouTube views
10 ways to naturally increase YouTube views

Whether you are a professional vlogger or a regular YouTube Publisher. In short, you have a passion for YouTube, the number of views is still the only factor determining your success. Your YouTube video needs a lot of viewers, but getting this is not a simple task.

However, if you have a method, clear strategy with the right steps, you can quickly increase your YouTube viewership. In this article, I will show you some ways to naturally increase YouTube viewership. If your video is compelling, the content is valuable to the viewers, then I believe my advice will certainly be helpful, if you do it well, it will certainly work, help you increase sales, earn more more money.

1. Set optimal title

As in the case of blog / web posts, the title is a very important factor for every video. When uploading videos to YouTube you will be asked to provide a custom title. This title always appears first along with the thumbnail image whenever people find your video, which will determine whether or not people click on it. So you should be careful when choosing the title.

First of all, the title should reflect the core content of your video. But a lot of people didn’t, they tipped the title too much to deceive visitors, making the title irrelevant to the video content. I think it is not a professional way but an unethical way. That is also the reason why many people are turned off making money and channel locking. So, do not do that, but give the title is very attractive but still reflects some of the video content.

Suppose you are making a company introduction video, instead of simply offering an “introduction” title, you should mention that your company is the best. If so, when someone wants to know about your company, they search YouTube, then your video will most likely appear in the first position in the search results, this will definitely help you increase your turn. Watch the video, right?

Also you can research the keyword before setting the video title. You simply need to use Google search for a keyword that reflects your content, you will immediately know if the title belongs to a popular, highly searched keyword, and At the bottom of the Google search page, you can also suggest some popular keywords with similar content, so that you can choose and arrange appropriate titles based on a popular keyword.

2.Description contains keywords

Few people decide to watch a video on Youtube based on the description, which means the description is rarely read before people decide to watch that video. But, not so that you lower the role of the description where okay! Essentially it is very useful in SEO, optimal description can help your video get high rankings in search results.

According to experts, the description video description should be like a mini blog article, should not be shorter than 300 words, the most important must contain the main keyword and the URL if necessary.

3.Select the appropriate tag

Tag tags are a very important factor in SEO. The main purpose of the tag is to group videos, classify videos according to a certain tag, help each video appear in the list of suggested videos, and improve search rankings for videos.

You should use the most popular tags used by popular videos on the same topic, the purpose is to have your video appear in the list of recommended videos when people watch those popular videos, here is an easy way to pull views from popular videos. You should also use some separate tags that are common to your own videos, which will help you retain users for your channel. Because, your own videos will easily appear in the list of suggested videos when watching each of your videos.

4.Selecting attractive thumbnails

An attractive title is always the first important factor that decides whether or not a user will click to watch your video. Besides, an equally important element is the thumbnail. If in a list of videos with the same topic, with the same title, even the same video that many people upload, … then videos with attractive thumbnails will surely attract a large number of viewers. than. So, you should select one of the most attractive thumbnails for sow, if 3 suggested thumbnails are automatically taken from unsatisfactory video, you can choose the image uploaded from your computer.

5.Add featured videos
10 ways to naturally increase YouTube views
10 ways to naturally increase YouTube views

If you want to focus on dragging views for a particular video, the featured video feature will help you. Although your videos are equally important to you, which means no video is more outstanding or special, but do not ignore this feature, because it will help you retain viewers.

6.Add caption links between videos

The benefits of the YouTube annotation feature are impeccable, it allows us to create ads, introduce, insert links right in our video screens to promote videos, channels, websites or anything in a very extreme way. period effect.

When watching a video, a comment appears with compelling quotes, such as you are watching a video about “where do you start making money online”, watching most of the video, a comment is shown with a quote. “Simple way to make money online with iPanel” for example. So surely you are curious and click to see right? So this is not a way to increase Youtube views quite effectively?

Recently, YouTube has launched another feature which is the “End screen”, it is almost like the annotation feature, but only appears at the end of the video, the strength of “End Screen” is that be displayed on both mobile devices.

Currently, YouTube does not allow the use of “Annotations” and “End screen” on the same video, ie you are only allowed to choose one of those two features.

7.Add branding watermarks

This is a very interesting feature of Youtube, allowing you to embed a small image, such as a logo, into all videos on your channel.

This is a way for you to mark each video on your YouTube, that is, when watching a video on Youtube, if this image appears, people know right away it’s your video, they click on the image. be redirected to your channel, so this is a very effective way to increase the number of subscribers for a YouTube channel.

Thanks to this feature, you insert brand logos for all videos, thereby helping you create trust and very professional look for viewers directed to you. From there, viewers will remember you, they follow and often return to your channel.

8.Keep optimal video duration

In search results on YouTube that appear all the time, this is also an important factor for the decision of the user. Video length must always match the content, must be reasonable with the title, such as you upload a video and immediately put the title “Good Movie – Son Zim rebels three kingdoms” but when looking at the length only A few minutes, so will anyone come in? unless they have blurred vision in all three eyes. For example, normally if a video introduces or evaluates a particular product, the video is not necessarily too long, but better than just the right length, because usually these types of videos users will Not persistent enough to watch for too long. In general terms, not to mention advertising videos or movie videos, the researchers said that a video that can achieve the best audience is usually videos that are about 3-5 minutes long.

9.Introduce through videos of the same topic

A popular way is to watch videos on the same topic and leave helpful comments along with a clever introduction that attracts viewers to visit your channel or video. But be careful, don’t let your comments be considered SPAM!

10.Develop a blog serving the channel

If you have a blog with a large audience, there is no reason why you do not promote your Youtube videos through blogs right?

Blog, website is a very effective YouTube channel promotion tool. For example, you write a tutorial article on how to make money online with a certain site, in that tutorial article you can embed your YouTube tutorial video in your blog. When readers come to read your article, they can click directly to the video you embed or go to YouTube to watch your video. In fact, visual video tutorials are always easier to understand and create more focus for the readers than writing tutorials. Promote Youtube videos through blogs, in addition to embedding videos in posts, there are many different ways. Depending on the topic, the interface of your blog that chooses the most appropriate way of promoting.

11.Do not forget to share on social networks

The number of people using social networks like facebook, google +, twitter, … is huge and increasing. So every time I publish a video on YouTube, I don’t forget to immediately share it on those social networking sites, and then I get a number of views in a very short time. This is definitely a very simple way to increase views, everyone applies and you should not ignore it !. Every day you just need to spend minutes to do this to ensure the results are well worth it.

Talking about social networking sites, you should focus most on facebook, because this is the social network with the largest number of users on the planet. You can share right on your wall, the groups you join … it is best to set up a Fanpage page towards topics related to your Youtube channel, then regularly share your Youtube videos on that Fanpage, The next important thing is to find ways to increase likes, increase the number of followers for your Fanpage.

12 Cooperate, link with the same topic channels

Find partners to collaborate on links between channels, videos on the same topic, mutually beneficial. For example, if you link my video from yours, I will be willing to give you links, presenting my viewers to your video. Definitely effective to bring both sides “nodding nodding delicious”.


There are a lot of articles on how to increase YouTube views in many ways, from legitimate ways to fraudulent ways, from simple ways to painful ones. And the 12 ways I shared above are the simple and legitimate ways, encouraged by Google, helping us to have the most natural and safe views, so it will be sure, sustainable and lasting. But the results are not the first, the second is yes, so it requires first you have to be persistent to have great sustainable results.

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