Choose a topic for the blog? A number of topics you can choose from

Choose a topic for the blog? The first step to getting started making money blogging is to choose a blog theme, which is the first important step to the success or failure of the blog, so choose a serious topic and get an idea. sufficiency.

Choose a topic for the blog? A number of topics you can choose from

Making money from blogs or blogging to make money is always a serious job of making money. If you go in the right direction, after a while developing your blog, you will definitely be able to earn income from it. A blog is successful only when it receives a large number of daily visitors. So increasing the number of visitors is the final destination in building a blog.

To succeed, you must go through a long process. In that first step, also the most important step to start making money from blogging business is to choose a blog theme. Because to grow, your blog must focus on a specific topic. It also means targeting a specific audience. That just helps you get loyal readers, coming back both to help your blog and articles easily to the top of google search.

A lot of people fail after a while, the reason is usually not choosing the right topic or not choosing the topic, writing whatever they like … Readers will find it very difficult to find the content they like. They come in once and it’s hard to come back for the second time. Because each person will only be interested in one or several topics.

When choosing the right topics and getting loyal readers. Those who care about the topic of your blog … your blog will grow very quickly. Readers will often come back to see more of your new posts.

For example, if you build a blog that focuses solely on tourism, for example, when traveling lovers know your blog, they will likely return to your blog often to see more new content. your….

For example, if you build a blog about promotions and discounts, for example, when someone needs to shop, they will probably go to your blog to see if there are any promotions or discounts.

What should I choose for the blog?

To choose a topic, the most important thing is that you have to identify a topic that is of interest to many people. With that, you must have passion or at least feel interested in the topic.

Many people choose the wrong topic that leads to failure, maybe they just think that topic is interested by many people. But they themselves were not interested in the topic, which led to the fact that after a period of development.

They were discouraged from continuing with the field in which they felt dry, uninterested, more importantly, out of ideas, unable to write anything else, because if they didn’t like it, they were very lazy to delve deeper into that topic. The blog is forever writing, writing until you want to give up, often have to add new posts to maintain the readership. Once stopped writing as if the blog blog will gradually stop working sooner or later.

A second mistake, they just choose the topic according to personal preferences, regardless of whether the topic is interested by many people or not. Of course will see defeat. For example, there are people who are very good at love and often encounter sadness in love, abundant emotions, surging poetry …. they really want to rewrite their thoughts, feelings, diaries …. into things blog posts, but for this topic just the topic they like, very few readers will come and read it.

Remember, choose the right topics that are of interest to many people, choose the right topics that you are interested in for a long time.

Next, you should also calculate, what forms your blog will make money from, there are currently 3 most popular forms of monetization: affiliate marketing, placing Google Adsense ads, receiving sponsorships. from corporate companies.

If you are determined to make money from affiliate marketing, you can choose a topic related to a certain product, such as a blog about phone reviews, it will be very easy to market mobile products from sales shops. Phone, when the blog is big enough you will certainly receive many sponsorship calls from companies or phone shops.

If you only decide to make money from Google Adsense ads, you can choose any topic, as long as it attracts a large audience.

But you should choose a topic that can take advantage of all three forms to get the highest profit. Currently this blog take advantage of many different forms to make a profit, of course, not lacking the 3 forms above.

The level of competition: If you choose a topic that many people are interested in. But the level of competition is very low, meaning that very few people write on that topic is a great thing, your blog will certainly be easier to develop. But finding that topic is not easy. If you find it, you will also find it difficult to find out more. Therefore, it is not necessary, like to write on any topic. Please write your own way, bring useful articles for readers, how to attract readers, try to compete will be successful.

When you start to choose a topic, you should come up with an idea first, draw out how the future will exploit the articles from the selected topic and embark on the action.

A number of topics you can choose from

I would like to list a few topics you can choose from, those are the ones that have helped many Vietnamese bloggers succeed.

Make money online: This is the topic a lot of people are doing, myself.

Computer tips, technology: This topic is very broad knowledge, especially sure a lot of people care about it, you can blog about instructions for Windows tricks, installing software, using software, word , excel, photoshop …. write all your life.

Product reviews: Before buying, buyers often have the habit of searching online for information about the product, so writing reviews about the product will surely get a lot of readers. You should choose topics focusing on a certain product field, such as reviews of electronics, electronics …

Programming: For those of you who know and are passionate about programming. Share the programming knowledge you have.

Phone tips: Everything related to the phone, such as how to use the features of different phone brands, recommend phone apps, rate apps, phone games, and price of phone products … ..

Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin: This is a very hot topic in the past year, you can write about knowledge, information about virtual currencies, how to create wallets, how to buy and sell virtual money … But be very careful. , because of the property of others.

English Blog: Share methods of learning English, English documents, assessment of English courses, …

Student Blog: Everything students are interested in, such as study materials, part-time jobs, job application methods, even how to confess,….

Tourism: Sharing about the trips, assessing the resorts; beautiful pictures, videos of tourist areas; tour reviews, hotel room reviews; write about dishes, specialties in different regions ….

Cooking, cuisine: Instructions to cook dishes; introduce specialties, cuisine; evaluate kitchen utensils …

Beauty: How to beautify, evaluate cosmetic products … suitable for girls.

Sports: Sharing sports knowledge, practicing sports, introducing and evaluating sports equipment, and introducing gyms.

Health: How to protect health, knowledge about diseases, how to prevent and treat diseases … This topic is related to human health and life, so you have to be careful, just write what you write. You know for sure is right.

Great tip: All tips for everyday life.

In addition, you can also think about topics such as Finance, study, gifts, love, entertainment, employment, … ..

The above topics are just me in general, the topics you choose can be a small topic or a wide field containing many small topics, or choose many topics related to each other at the same time.

For example, you choose travel topics, you can share about your trips to help readers better understand the places you go. You can share discount codes, hunt cheap airline tickets, and tour prices, hotel room reviews, writing about cuisines, specialties in different regions …. Or if you choose beauty topics you can also get health and sports …

What to do when there is a lack of knowledge about the chosen topic?

The topic you have chosen, you have to make sure you have a bit of knowledge about it, if you have a good understanding of it. It will be very easy to start and exploit a lot of articles belonging to that field, but If the lack of knowledge is okay, you can still choose if you want, just will be more difficult because you have to write and learn.

Choose a topic that you lack knowledge about it is entirely possible, in the writing process you can both write and learn more, the writing process is also the process you learn, share what you have learned. OK. That is extremely beneficial, because in the process of blogging you will learn a lot of topics, the field you have chosen for blogs.

Me too, since I started this blog, I have only known very little knowledge about making money online, tips for blogging… .but I have boldly chosen the right topic for this blog. As far as writing goes, my knowledge of this topic is just like a grain of sand in the desert.

There are still a lot of people behind me who need the knowledge I have just learned and shared, so far this blog has not been called a success.

But at least has helped me to earn a living every day, and What is more valuable is that I have learned a lot in the process of blogging, if not used later in blogging then I can use this knowledge to do a lot of other things.

Most importantly, only share what you have learned for sure, because if your article is inaccurate will gradually lose credibility, readers will never want to return.


Choosing a topic is always the most important step when you start thinking about creating a blog, deciding the success or failure of your blog, so choose a topic and get serious ideas.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section below! Good luck!

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