How to make money on Youtube?

How to make money on Youtube? First step to learn for newbies.

How to make money on Youtube?
How to make money on Youtube?

When it comes to Youtube, no one knows, because this is the largest video sharing social network on the planet. Anyone can post their videos on Youtube to share for the world to see.

Currently, posting videos on YouTube is not only for entertainment, to share, to express themselves, … but it is also a profession to make money, even to become a millionaire or billionaire.

I take an example: You will know about Nguyen Thanh Nam? That is the guy with the largest personal Youtube channel in Vietnam today. His NTN Vlogs channel at the time I wrote this article was reaching nearly 6.7 million subscribers. Most of his videos have been uploaded to millions of views after a few hours. It is estimated that his income must reach from 600 million to over 1 billion per month. So how did he make money from Youtube?

How to make money on Youtube?

All of the revenue of the Google giant is through the promotion of products and services to companies and businesses around the world through its network. Youtube is also a Google service. So a big part of Google’s revenue comes from advertising on Youtube.

However, the videos available on YouTube are not posted by Google. Youtube is Google’s but YouTube’s video is not Google’s. Google is so giant, it cannot produce billions of such videos.

And if YouTube has no videos or few videos, no one will visit it to do anything. Of course no one access, no one sees, then no one would hire Google to advertise on Youtube.

YouTube, on the other hand, is a video sharing network. Anyone can share, can post, but if sharing videos, posting videos does not get any benefit, who posts? Yeah, let’s say there are still people posting for the purpose of sharing, showing off, expressing themselves, … However, there will not be some videos.

Therefore, Google will pay the creator of the video. By revenue sharing, that is, revenue from the ads displayed on each video. Google partially and will share a part with the person who posted the Video. Specifically, Google eats 55%, dividing 45% for those who post videos.

How Youtube ads work:

Google Adsense advertising network in general, Youtube in particular, is joined by 4 parties, of which Google is the center:

Advertisers: Companies, businesses or individuals pay Google to advertise their products and services through Google’s network.
Youtube (to be exact Google): Get ads from business companies. Then distribute and display ads through Youtube videos.
Creators: Creators who post videos on YouTube. Youtube will distribute ads, display on the content creator’s videos.
Viewers: That is the community of people watching Youtube.

Specifically as follows: Advertisers will pay money to hire Google ads. Google will take the ad and distribute it to viewers through the creators’ videos. Advertising money will be based on the number of impressions and clicks on the ad from the viewer. Google money collected from advertisers will be deducted 45% for content creators.

How to make money on Youtube?
How to make money on Youtube?

In summary, all 4 parties are beneficial: Advertisers can promote the product. Google revenue from advertising eating 55%. Creators get a 45% share of the revenue, viewers get to watch videos for free. Get access to the products they care about.

As a combination of Youtube, Google Adsense and Google Ads:

Youtube Advertising is a close combination of 3 services: Youtube, Google Adsense and Google Ads, in which:

Google Ads is a place for Google to receive ads and collect money from companies and businesses that want to advertise their products and services.
Youtube: A place for advertising distribution, easier to understand than where to display ads, bringing advertisers’ products and services to the viewer community.
Google Adsense is a place for Google to manage ads, manage creators and share revenue. Pay revenue to content creators.

That means anyone can set up a Youtube channel. Post videos to YouTube and then sign up to enable monetization and Google Adsense account to serve Google ads that Google receives from businesses through the Google Ads service.

Google will then pay us based on the number of impressions and clicks on the ads displayed on the videos you post.

Thus, to make money on Youtube you need to create a Youtube channel to upload videos to the Youtube channel. Then directly register to place ads with Google Adsense or register through the Network. Upon successful registration, your videos will be displayed in the video ad and beside the video.

However, according to the current new policy. To enable monetization your channel must have 1,000 or more subscribers and reach 4 thousand watch hours within 12 months.

You can find out more about enabling monetization on Youtube through the following article:

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Want to make money on Youtube, create a channel right away to get started, how to create a Youtube channel is quite simple, you can see the following instruction:

  • Guide to creating Youtube channel 2020

In addition to directly participating in Google Adsense. You can also participate in Networks, that is, Google’s advertising advertising partners.

Joining the Network you will enjoy some exclusive benefits such as channel support. Free audio and some support tools. Get copyright protection, help appeal, help open the channel when locked … But your income will be partly divided to the Network, usually 30%. For this section, you learn more offline!


So you understand how to make money on Youtube. YouTube is a goldfield, if you have the capacity, know how to exploit it will certainly be financially free. But nothing is simple, requires you to persevere and effort a lot. Get started and try it from today!

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