Instructions on how to create a Gmail account (Google account)

Instructions on how to create a Gmail account (Google account) – Having a Gmail account, exactly the necessary Google account. Indispensable in all jobs related to the internet.
Some of you think, Gmail accounts are only needed when you need to send email. But not so, a Gmail account to use for a lot of things. Create a YouTube channel or register most accounts on the web. Even downloading applications on CH Play, you must have a Gmail account.

Instructions on how to create a Gmail account (Google account)
Instructions on how to create a Gmail account (Google account)

Perhaps those who are using smart phones must have a Gmail account. However, for many “tech-blind” people (sorry to say a little crude) don’t even know what Gmail is? Do not know how to create it? sometimes for use, but only for others to create.
If you are also among them, rest assured! Right now I will guide you to create a Gmail account to use.

How to create a Gmail account (Google account)

Step 1: Go to, then click Create account.
Step 2: Fill in the first name, last name, username (the email address). Password, confirm the password (re-enter the password), and then click Next. Note, the username must not be duplicated by anyone! If you see a message that a user has been used, it must be changed to another name.
 Step 3: Fill in the phone number, recovery email address (if any, fill it out or may leave it blank). Enter the date of birth, gender, and then press Next. Note: You must use the official phone number offline! very important, if you lose your phone number you can lose that gmail account.
Step 4: Click Submit to verify the phone number.
 Step 5: After completing step 4, the system will send an SMS with a verification code sent to your phone number. You get the verification code and then click Verify.
 Step 6: Click I agree.
Step 7: Browse through the Privacy and Terms and click I agree.
That’s it, you will be logged into Gmail immediately, with the following interface:
So you already have a gmail account already. Can be used to create Youtube channel, receive / send emails, register accounts on websites … and many other things.
Important notice:
You need to remember the gmail address (account name) and password carefully. Because these 2 credentials will need to be logged in later. You can copy it and store it somewhere safe.
Must use the official phone number offline! If you have forgotten your password or email address, you can use it to recover it. And whoever uses your phone number, they will get your gmail. So always use the phone number government. If you lose your phone number, you can go to work with another phone number.
More carefully you can record the date of creation of the account. Later if the account is hacked you can use that information to get back your account.
That’s all! If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below! Thank you! Good luck!

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