Prestigious foreign money survey sites should join 2020

This article I will introduce you to reputable foreign money survey sites to join 2020.

Hello, online survey is a form of making money online that has long been sought by people, perhaps because of its simplicity.
Although simple, but to be honest this form of making money is just for fun, earning a few penny to buy breakfast noodles only. It is very difficult to make a living from there if not impossible.
It is more difficult when you only participate in the survey pages of Vietnam. Because Vietnam pays very low. Each survey only from a few hundred to 5, 3 thousand is stretch.
As for foreign sites Vietnam usually pay higher. Each survey can be up to several dollars, even $ 10 – $ 20 also. There are a number of foreigners who share that just doing a survey earns a living income of several hundred dollars a month.
That is why many people hunt foreign survey sites to participate.
Therefore, this article I will also share some foreign survey sites should and should not participate.

Foreign money survey sites should participate

In fact, foreign survey sites make a lot of money, many sites pay very high. Unfortunately, the number of sites that allow Vietnamese to participate is not high, and the pay is not very high. Fortunately, it is also much higher than our Vietnamese pages.

After many times hunting for foreign money survey sites, allowing Vietnamese to participate, and importantly prestige, should participate, I only know the following 3 pages:

1. ClixSense

This page is probably the hegemony of the online survey already, has the largest number of participants today, world alexa ranking is standing at 7300.

Foreign money survey sites should participate
Foreign money survey sites should participate

This is a survey page targeting many countries around the world, including Vietnam, so you can participate.
As a survey for both Vietnamese participants, most surveys for Vietnamese participants are in Vietnamese so it’s very easy to do.
Each completed survey will receive about $ 0.5 – $ 5. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 $.
Support payment via Payoneer, Skrill, Paytoo and Tango Card, after withdrawing from 2 – 5 days you will receive money to the wallet.

2. SuperPay

Similar to ClixSense, this is also a foreign survey site but for many countries around the world to participate, including Vietnam.
When doing a survey, there is a place for you to choose a language, just select Vietnamese and there will be a Vietnamese survey, very easy to participate.
Each completed survey will receive about $ 0.1 – $ 5.

Foreign money survey sites should participate 2
Foreign money survey sites should participate

In addition to the survey, you can make money in various ways such as clicking on ads and doing other tasks.
SuperPay supports payment via PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin. Minpay (the minimum amount to receive payment) is only $ 1, this is the point many people like in SuperPay.

3. SurveySavvy

I have just joined this page. Through research, this is also a reputable foreign survey site, allowing Vietnam to participate, showing no signs of scam.
The advantage is very high pay, each completed survey you can get from 1 – 15 $. Minpay is only 1 $.
It is noteworthy that this site has very few surveys, sometimes waiting for a whole month, there are no surveys to do. A survey will be emailed to you.
However, you should note that SurveySavvy only supports payment through only one form of payment – Check (Check or Check), this is a form of payment a bit confusing, if not know about Czech do it yourself on Google to find out

Foreign money survey sites should NOT be involved

Because foreign survey sites are many, but not reputable sites are also many. To avoid wasting time and effort, I would like to list some foreign survey sites that should not be involved, you should avoid.

1. E-research-global

This site is very reputable but I find it very difficult to make money, not encouraged to participate, but if you want you can try it.

2. PaidViewPoint

This page I also introduced through the blog. However, after a process of participation, I found that this page is not good, very low score. It is very difficult to make a minpay, so I highly recommend you not to participate. I don’t know if it’s reputable or not, because I have not been able to place mipay to withdraw money.

3. YouGov

This site is quite easy to earn points, see some people said they can withdraw money. But I tried, earned enough points but could not redeem points or withdraw money. Best not to get involved.

4. OfferNation

If this page is not a problem, it still seems like a normal withdrawal. However, listening to many participants told it is difficult to make money. Especially often locked account for no reason. That’s why I think this is a scam site.

5. InsFe Instant Feedback

There are signs of SCAM, not paying participants.

6. ADmimsy

This is a SCAM site, no withdrawals.

7. PaidDataEntry

This is also a SCAM site, no withdrawals.


Above are foreign online money survey sites that should and should not be involved. Hope to help you choose reputable sites so you can earn a few pennies. Good luck!

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