Reasons why Google Adsense rejected your blog

Do you own a blog, website? Did you submit a Google Adsense application to monetize your blog? You are anxious to wait for Google approval, but in the end get a Google Adsense rejection email? Oh .. !! .. bitter heart! You go to Google search keyword “reason Google Adsense rejected blogs”, so happy for you for coming to this article.

Reasons why Google Adsense rejected your blog
Reasons why Google Adsense rejected your blog

Here are the most common reasons your blog is rejected by Google Adsense.

1.Lack of content

This is a very common reason, often for blogs that have just been built or are in the process of being built, have a small number of posts (under 100 articles) or a large number of articles but the content of the article. too sketchy, copy article, article too little content but full of images, articles with grammatical and spelling errors….

Google pays a lot of attention to the value of content. So if your blog is too little content or poor quality content, it will be very difficult to receive approval from Google.

To overcome this reason, do not be impatient. But create lots of quality and valuable content for readers.

2.Too few visits

Visitors are a very important factor, if your blog is new. Not having a lot of hits will certainly not be accepted by Google.

In fact, Google gives the exact number of visits to accept Adsense subscriptions. However, in general, the more website Google visits, the more it will like. And of course signing up for Adsense is more and more acceptable.
It is much easier for websites in the United States or some other countries. But for Vietnam website, it usually takes 1,000 visitors a day to be able to sign up for Adsense successfully!
So if your blog / web is new, not yet have a lot of access. Try to build good content. SEO many keywords to the top with many marketing strategies to increase traffic to more then register it!

3.The interface is hard to see

What do you do when visiting a website with flashy colors, hard to see and large and small buttons throughout the page? I believe you will exit immediately and never come back again. So does Google. What viewers don’t like, surely Google doesn’t. Google Adsense has a whole team censoring your blog. So if your blog is poorly designed, hard to see … then Google will reject your request immediately. So before submitting an application to Google you need to edit. Customize your look so neat, light and easy to see.

4.Missing introduction page, contact page, privacy policy

Creating a page that talks about blog privacy policies is very important. Because it makes sense to say your blog is legitimate, reliable, policy, clear agreement that …. So if a blog doesn’t have a privacy policy page, then Google won’t trust you and of course Google will reject you.

An introduction page about you and your blog not only helps you to establish relationships with readers. Make readers understand you and your blog more. This is also a beautiful impression from Google Adsense towards your blog, an opportunity to receive approval from Google Adsense. So the lack of an introductory page is also a reason why your blog is rejected by Google Adsense.

There is a contact page for blog / web, that is, you are telling Google that you care about your readers or customers and you are willing to help them. They can contact you at any time. Google is very interested in this. So this is also a peak part of Google’s evaluation. Naturally, Google may reject you if the blog does not have a contact page.

So, surely you already know what to do to reduce the risk of rejection of Google Adsense already?

5.Not complying with Google Adsense policies

Google policy Adsense program and implemented very strictly. However, many people did not read carefully before submitting the application and eventually received the rejection message, due to violations of one or more Google Adsense policies.

Common policies that many people violate are blogs that do not have quality and valuable content, content that violates copyright, black content, no organic traffic, and a lot of traffic from illegal sources. France, many SPAM backlinks, …

Therefore, before submitting a Google Adsense account for blogs you should carefully read their policies!


To get the approval of Google Adsense for blogs, the website is not really difficult, but it is not really simple to talk about. If you have not registered or been denied, then through this sharing you can optimize the appearance of your blog and content, read carefully and strictly follow the policies of Google Adsense, I believe you will receive. welcomed by Google. Good luck!

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