Should you use WordPress Basic’s WordPress Hosting service?

Should you use WordPress Basic’s WordPress Hosting service? This article I would like to share a bit of comments, as well as a personal review of WordPress Hosting service of WP Basic.

Should you use WordPress Basic's WordPress Hosting service?
Should you use WordPress Basic’s WordPress Hosting service?

If you have made a website with WordPress, you probably know your (Basic WP) Bui Trung Hieu, this is a blog that shares basic tips about WordPress.

If you already know the WP Basic blog, you probably already know its WordPress Hosting service, because in the articles on the Basic WP, she often mentioned the benefits when using the WordPress Hosting service. of WP Basic. Naturally, the WP Basic blog is also using this hosting service.
So what is going on? I use WordPress Basic’s WordPress Hosting service? What are the benefits of using hosting here?

I will first provide some information about WP Hosting’s WordPress Hosting service, and then give a personal review and evaluation about this hosting service.

Introduction to WordPress Basic WordPress Hosting service

WordPress Hosting service of WP Basic is the optimal hosting service exclusively for WordPress source code, developed by WP Basic based on CloudLinux OS and LiteSpeed Web Server.

Salient Features of WP Hosting WordPress Service Basic:

• High speed: LiteSpeed Server has fast loading speed, load capacity is much better than Apache or NginX

• Good compatibility: Very standard PHP 7.x configuration, compatible with 99.99% of popular WordPress themes and plugins today.

• Favorable location: Server is located in USA and Vietnam, giving super fast access speed, less affected by international internet incidents.

• Broadband: Broadband network infrastructure with high-speed transmission lines, minimizing traffic congestion when traffic is large.

• Automatic Backup: cPanel has built-in automatic backup manager – JetBackup and R1Soft Backup, allowing you to easily restore data yourself.

• Good security: Maximum security with CloudLinux OS platform and Imunify360 firewall, quickly detect and remove trojans, webshell, and malware.

• New technology: Using CloudLinux OS, LiteSpeed Enterprise web server, MariaDB, LS Cache, HTTP / 2 to increase load speed and load capacity.

• Free SSL: Host has Let’s Encrypt free SSL included in cPanel, allowing you to successfully install SSL with just a few mouse clicks.

• Unlimited: Unlimited bandwidth, addon domain, sub domain, parked domain, FTP account, email account and database number.

• Data transfer: Support free data transfer from the old host to the new host and complete configuration.

• Website optimization: Support to optimize the free loading speed for websites using WordPress Hosting.

• 24/7 support: 24/7 hosting technical support by WordPress knowledgeable technicians.

Price list of WordPress Hosting services at WP Basic:

If you want to use WP Basic’s WordPress Hosting service, you can click on the following register button to register.

Review of WordPress Basic WordPress Hosting service

Previously I had used Hawkhost’s Hosting for a very long time, but recently I switched to WordPress Hosting service of WP Basic, namely US Small package (priced at VND 1,399,000 / year), want to experience how the service is here. After a period of experience, I would like to make some comments, as well as personal feelings as follows:

About hosting quality

If I specialize in the technology used for hosting, then this is not a professional so I can not evaluate. But in general, because this is the WP Basic optimized hosting dedicated to WordPress source code, it should be used very smoothly for WordPress website.
Fully equipped with features and configuration parameters listed on the price list corresponding to the purchased package. Among them are the standout features that many hosting providers do not have, such as free SSL, namely Let’s Encrypt, which is built into cPanel, allowing you to install SSL (HTTPS protocol) only with few mouse clicks.

About support

I choose WP Hosting by WordPress Basic, the main reason is in the support. If you choose other hosting providers, only when there are problems, errors, you can ask for technical support, and sometimes it takes time, sending support for a few hours, even a few days to receive it. feedback.

But with WP hosting Bui Trung Hieu’s basic is different, he is ready to support almost everything related to WordPress and the hosting package in use (if possible). Support for hosting settings, hosting transfer, optimizing security and speeding up the website, … When you encounter a problem, you can completely ask for his support.

In particular, she specializes in writing a lot of articles on WordPress tips, if you have read and applied, you will find that there are tips that are difficult to apply, apply unsuccessfully or some services. hosting does not support … then when using WordPress WordPress service Basically you will be fully supported and helped.

When I first moved to hosting here, I asked Hieu to optimize it, now it seems that the speed has improved somewhat.

She is also a personal blogger like me so I am very comfortable to talk, when you need support you can email or inbox facebook thanks comfortably, even “slashing” together … But if you If you like the “yes, yes” support from the beautiful girls, there’s no way!

About service prices

If compared with other hosting providers, it seems quite expensive, especially compared to the famous international hosting providers like Hawk Host, StableHost … for the same configuration parameters.

If with Hawk Host, using 40% discount code, you only need to spend 21.5 USD, or about 470,000 VND, you have owned a hosting with a huge configuration within 1 year, owned 10GB of storage. hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains and databases, …. with this amount of storage you can run simultaneously for multiple websites.

As for WP Basic hosting, that amount is not enough to use the US Mini or VN Mini package with 1GB of storage, the minimum for a serious blog, if my blog is just enough to use, can not save add backups in it, can not upload files directly to the host and extract, if you want to transfer the host must transfer via FTP account.
If you want to use 10GB to run for large websites or run for many websites you have to spend up to 5 million VND / year.

Of course, it is not possible to take configuration parameters to evaluate host quality, to evaluate hosting we will need to consider a lot of other factors.
Using hosting at WP basic, the biggest benefit is optimal support and website acceleration, support the use of other useful features.
Finalizing hosting at WP is quite expensive, not suitable for those who prefer cheap but want a large capacity to use.

And whoever wants to build a serious WordPress website, want a safe website, want a smooth website, fast speed but do not know how to optimize, want support from you Bui Trung Hieu … then use WordPress Hosting by WP Basics.
In fact, if you already have an income from your blog / website, that price is not expensive, because in return you get a lot of benefits from WP Basic, improved website will certainly increase the number of visitors. access, from which your revenue stream will also increase.


Above are my personal reviews of WP Basic’s WordPress Hosting service. Overall this is a pretty great service, very suitable for but you make a website on the WordPress platform but do not have enough knowledge in optimizing hosting and website.

How do you feel about WordPress Hosting service of WP? Should I use it? Leave your comments in the comments section below! Thank you! Good luck!

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