Top 10 ways to make money from blogs most popular today

I have some Facebook friends who give me their blog addresses and ask me what to do and how to make money from their blogs? To be honest, this is not an easy question to answer right away, I can only give them some advice and recommend some common forms of making money, so they can choose for themselves. The most appropriate form of monetization for them or their blog.
 In general, most beginners who make money blogging ask the same question “how to make money from blogging?” or something like that. Yes, I continue to answer and give you some advice.

First I want you to understand, blogging is really a job that can make a lot of money and a lot of money. However, to succeed is not simple. If you are a beginner, listen to my advice, do not rush to think about making money but think about having to create a blog with the best content, the most useful for readers, because only that. , you hope to get more people to visit your blog, there are more visitors you can make money.

After blogging is big enough to make money, you also have to constantly build and develop content, taking the needs of the leading readers. When gaining the trust of readers, get large and stable traffic. Then there will be many ways to make money you can exploit. Here, I would like to introduce to you some of the most popular ways to make money from blogs, you can choose to participate in making money.

1. Advertise your own product

Currently, there are many businesses, many shop owners create blogs and blogging to attract readers. They then use their own blog to promote their products, which makes them successful quickly. If you are a trader, you have a product or service to sell, you can do it this way. Or if you are a blogger who owns a blog with lots of visitors. You can create your own products or invest in products that sell for profit, promote and sell products through your own blog. Digital products like ebooks, themes, plugins, videos, etc. are products you can make and sell easily through blogs.

2.Affiliate marketing

You do not need a product to sell for money. You can advertise, market other people’s products and receive a commission for every product sold. You get product links from platforms like ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, … or hosting providers, domain names, themes and wordpress plugins, … Your job is just sharing the product link of the home. post on your blog. Introduce readers to click to buy those products, with each product sold through your affiliate link, you will receive a corresponding commission, about 10% – 50%, sometimes up to 75%.

Top 10 ways to make money from blogs most popular today
Top 10 ways to make money from blogs most popular today

3. Advertising Google Adsense

Perhaps this is the form of making money that many people are most interested in. When you have a blog or website you can register to become a Google advertising partner, that is participating in the Google Adsense program, then Google will provide the ad code for you to insert into the blog, the ad will appear. Show and automatically change according to the context and topic of your blog content. The amount you receive is based on the number of clicks on the ads of readers and the number of ads displayed on your blog.

Although this is the most popular form of monetization, Google Adsense policies are extremely strict. Getting approval from Google Adsense is hard, you can be locked out of your account at any time. So do not rush, read carefully the Adsense program policies of Google before deciding to register to avoid the unfortunate risk.

4. Join other Adsense ad networks

Normally, when it comes to making money by placing ads on blogs, people immediately think of Google Adsense. However, when they realized that they could not afford, they were rejected by Google Adsense or locked out of their account for some reason, at that time they started to find another solution, the simplest and most suitable solution to replace. That Adsense is joining other ad networks.
Well now there are many ad networks growing up like feathers, most of these ad networks are somewhat easier to calculate than Google Adsense, players can easily get approval, accept the content of big people (ten eight plus). If you are also one of the people hated by Google Adsense, look to other ad networks instead! Some reputable ad networks I know are PopAds, Bidvertiser, RevenueHits, …

5. Rent banner space (banner)

This is a way of making money for reputable blogs, almost every common blog / website theme template has pre-designed positions to insert banner ads. If your blog has large traffic, many companies or individuals are willing to spend money to hire you to place banner ads about their products or services on your blog, about prices that can be determined by you or in advance. agreement, by day, by week or by month, … there are some big blogs that charge up to $ 250 / month for each banner size 125 x 125 (px).

6. Backlink rental

As more and more business websites sprout up and what they need to do to compete with competitors is keyword SEO to the top of search engines, the most important thing in SEO is to find lots of quality backlinks. Because of that demand, the backlink trading service was opened everywhere. If you own a quality blog, you absolutely can hire others to put backlinks, be it textlinks in the article or anywhere on your blog. As for pricing, just like renting out banner space, it can be agreed upon or agreed upon by you. For example, 50k / month or 5 million / month.

7.Write introduction

One way that businesses often use to promote their products and services is to hire newspaper pages, blog posts to write articles, good reviews about their products. If your blog is big enough, you can also be targeted for businesses or individuals to target. Typically, you get paid once, a few million for each posting.

8.Share shortened link

Shortening links is a form of making money that many people participate, in which the biggest link reduction site is AdFly, I have many tutorials already.If you do not know it, you can find out. through the article “how to make money from shortening links with AdFly”.

The main job of this form of monetization is to share the shortened links at link shortening systems. The amount of money is more or less based on the number of clicks on the shortened link, usually about $ 0.5 to $ 10 per 1000 clicks, depending on the click in each country.

Thus, the shortened link sharing you can share via forums, faceboook, or anywhere on the internet. But if you have a blog to share, nothing works. Usually the bloggers with the purpose to share short links make money, they often make blogs about technology, software, theme sharing, … shortened links are download links, demo links …

9.Share photos

Another form of making money online is also quite a lot of people interested in it is uploading photos to share money. Uploading photos here is not uploading images to your website or blog, but uploading them to an advertising website from photo sharing like Imagescash, the next important job is to share the images you have uploaded on it. How much you earn depends on how many times viewers click on the pictures you upload on them. To make money effectively from this form, you should create yourself a blog specializing in photo sharing.

10.Recruitment ref to join websites to make money

Currently most of the websites that make money online provide a referral link (ref link) to let us introduce you to receive a commission. When you refer each of the subscribers to those monetizing websites through your ref link, you will receive a prescribed commission bonus. You can write introductory blogs, instructions on how to make money with a certain money network and put a ref link on your article.
For example, if you participate in making money with iPanel online survey site, they pay very high commissions, namely, you will receive about 21,000 VND when referring each person who registered to iPanel via the link. your introduction.


Above are the most popular forms of monetization, most bloggers choose to participate. With each form they have their own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each specific audience, not every form you can easily join and earn money from, so you have to consider the possibility. and your strengths along with the subject of your blog field that choose for themselves one or the most suitable forms of making money to be effective, generating the highest possible income.

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