What is VPS? What is shared hosting? Choose VPS or Shared Hosting

Hi everybody! Today I will talk about a problem that many people are interested in making websites, especially for new friends, which is: What is VPS Hosting? What is shared hosting? Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to develop the website? When should I use VPS when should I use Shared Hosting?

What is VPS? What is shared hosting? Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?
What is VPS? What is shared hosting? Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?

First, you need to understand what VPS is? and Shared Hosting? What advantages and limitations do they have? ….

What is VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation of the phrase Virtual Private Server, translated into Vietnamese meaning a virtual private server. Many VPSs are created using virtual technology and are located on a physical server. Each VPS is issued with parameters that are completely separate from other VPS’s and operate independently as a server.

What is VPS? What is shared hosting? Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?
What is VPS? What is shared hosting? Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?

Therefore, VPS is also called virtual server, so they have all the features that physical server has. Therefore, you can fully master and fully use the entire allocated resources without any restrictions. That is why when using VPS, your website will be less likely to be slow because of overloading and will better security.
Take a simple example: A computer hard drive can partition into multiple drives, for example in disk C, drive E, drive D …. Each drive has a separate amount of memory divided from the hard drive. (e.g. 100GB). So each VPS is like a drive, you can use the entire capacity in that drive, like to install what you install.

Advantages of using VPS:

You are free to use all resources granted.
Full data management rights,
No bandwidth limit.
High security by your own management.


Difficult to use for beginners, because you have to configure everything yourself, install the operating system and the necessary applications.
The price is usually higher than Shared Hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Shared Hosting means Shared Host. Like VPS, many shared hosts are created and placed on the same physical server. But the difference of shared hosting is that resources (memory, processor and disk space …) will be shared among hosts, ie if the resources of this host are redundant, they will share resources with other hosts. .

What is shared hosting?
What is shared hosting?

Host packages are shared resources identified from a physical server with resources allowed quite low. This is different from VPS, since each shared host will not operate independently, but it works with other host packages.
For example: A computer drive has a certain amount of memory (for example, 500 GB), you can create many folders in that drive, all the folders will use the same total memory. in that drive. Each shared host package is like a folder in the drive, if this drive contains many large files that take up much memory, the memory on other folders will be reduced.

Advantages of Shared Host:

Easy to use, does not take too much time to learn about technical issues WordPress, PHP …. Because everything is preloaded by the supplier.

Nhược điểm:

Bandwidth is limited and expensive to spend on additional bandwidth.
Data is managed by hosting provider.
The network connection is not stable, the security is not good, if one host is attacked by DDOS, it will affect other hosts.
There is an operating system available, but it cannot be changed because it runs on the server server’s operating system.

Should choose VPS or Shared Host to make a website?
Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?
Should choose VPS or Shared Hosting to make a website?

Should choose VPS or Shared Host will have to depend on your needs.
If you use a website with a lot of traffic, a website with a lot of special libraries (such as SOAP for online payment or CURL to run other commands …), you want to have full control of resources and install the system yourself. run your favorite operating system, increase memory for PHP or reduce SQL memory, or install separate data storage systems, etc. then using VPS is an optimal choice.
And if you just make a personal website or blog, do not need a lot of resources, the traffic is not too large, no need for special configuration, you should choose Shared Host instead of VPS, because it will save a lot of cost.
Moreover, the Shared Host has been installed with the operating system and the necessary features, you just need to learn about how to use it, generally very easy to use, it takes a few minutes to learn is possible. use, no qualification is required.
In summary, VPS still has the superior advantages, but requires a lot of technical, if you do not have the knowledge, not sure about the knowledge, you should not use VPS, choose Shared Host for ease. management, use. In fact, VPS is not always better than Shared Host, VPS is only really good when you have enough knowledge to configure it.

And I would like to tell you: Currently the Sonzim.com blog that you are reading here is also using a normal Shared Host package only, namely the US Small package in WP Basic’s WordPress Hosting ( price of 50USD / year).
Currently I have not thought of using VPS for this blog, partly because it is not necessary, but important is “not qualified” should not dare to use? .


VPS has superior advantages over Shared Host, if you need to make a large website, you should learn and use. Of course, when the website is small, you should consider web hosting because it is easy to configure, does not require any qualification! Later, big enough to switch to using VPS later.
If you are just a regular personal web / blog or have not mastered the knowledge of VPS then use Shared Host. Although Shared Host has many weaknesses, there are still many packages strong enough to develop small and medium websites, in terms of security you can also be assured because there are many security measures.
The above is just my personal opinion, please consider this as a reference article. What about your opinion? Feel free to leave your comments through the comment section below! I wish you a full working day!

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