Replace Mailchimp, Getresponse, Sendinblue, Sendy and reduce Email Marketing costs by 90%

Replace Mailchimp, Getresponse, Sendinblue, Sendy and reduce Email Marketing costs by 90%

Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Getresponse are so famous in the email marketing industry, so there is no need to introduce much. These guys are the guys I used to build a livestream business website with inbound marketing strategy combined with email marketing to convert.


Is the first software I use because it has the FREE version. That time was 2015, it has free 500 contacts, now it is 2000. Number of emails sent to Free somewhere is 9000 emails / month. Used somewhere for a month, the number of contacts is over 500, so it started upgrading.

This software is generally the pricing structure of it extremely exhausting. Read the whole session to understand, in general the way to write a somewhat clunky price. This type of friends charge in 3 dimensions. One dimension is the feature pack (basic, advanced and VIP package), the second is the dimension of the number of contacts in the system, the third dimension is the pricing mechanism when using too many packages.

Email Marketing cost of MailChimp
Email Marketing cost of MailChimp

In short, I don’t like it, even though I know that its pricing mechanism is reasonable and often few users use it normally but spend it out of the frame but at that time the start-up was miserable. A little) 1USD also calculated. Its pricing structure makes me be careful because the card has been added, it charges automatically, note:

If you register this package, you will not be afraid to change the package yourself
The contact number is exceeded, if it exceeds it it automatically upbill. Its hiccups are 500, 2500, 5000, 10,000. Although the number is 501 also added 1000 block contacts per package
Number of emails sent. Depending on the package it will give the number of emails is 10, 12, or 15 times the number of contacts. Example of buying Basic package 2500 contacts è Number of emails sent is 25,000 emails. Although this place is well known, the amount is quite annoying. Note that sending more than this limit it will charge 1 block of 10k, 12k, 15k emails depending on the package

Finally, remove mailchimp because it doesn’t like the way it charges the cost of email marketing

At the moment, I don’t like it because if you spend money and even spend money on advanced packages. You will only classify customers into 5 groups (it is called Audience, the free package only has 1 audience). Ma, why send email to let a few groups, then each time exceeds the number of groups to delete the old group. But how many statistics it is in it. Of course, each group has a segmentation function to split subsegment within a group, but it is not very flexible.

Not to mention the rate of sending into the inbox is quite concave because sending test, optimally any promotion rate is also very high when sending 1000 emails or more.

But I have to say it again and again, it’s easy to use, nice interface, good looking and instant, many templates. Whoever just sent email Marketing used it, or sent it irregularly for a while. Then later it has a method of calculating the “Pay as you go” charge on which each email is deducted, of course, it is calculated quite well. Expensive compared to monthly use.

In general, if anyone who can play mailchimp can play it, I feel that I can’t play it because my email marketing costs increase.


Switch to this guy because he does not like mailchimp guy the reason why the email marketing costs presented above, basically feel uncomfortable. This guy is more annoying than Mailchimp, it’s only 2-way charging: by package and by number of contacts.

As for the number of emails. Each package is not limited, basically, for someone as technical as me, I can hear this attractive immediately. Switching to Getresponse compared to Mailchimp reduces the cost of email marketing by 10%

Email Marketing costs of Getresponse

Basic package should be said to be delicious. Many times more delicious than the mailchimp’s basic package, which comes with a bit more inhibition. Especially creating as many lists (or audiences) is possible even if the basic package.

In particular, the free package also makes people fall in love with it as it has a landing page creation tool, lead collection funnel, and basic automation. In general, the basic package is delicious, if you send less, but send often, use this guy.

The downside of Getresponse is that the usage is a bit difficult. Groping for a long time to understand how it is organized, have to read the document. Plus there’s no free version, only a 30-day trial version.


This friend is less famous than the new groping, those that are less popular. The rate of its inbox may be good because few objects are used to spam. Switching to it at that time, the number of contacts was more than 5000, tired of the scene of having to contact the contact to delete, to store too. so I wanted to find someone who did not charge according to the contact.

The structure of Sendinblue pricing must say very satisfied, unlimited storage contact. Save Audience, also known as list or Audience at ease, is not limited. Function, then 1 9 1 ten with Mailchimp always but not with Get Response. But using basic Sendinblue is 50% cost savings compared to using Get Response!

Lite 25USD package for 30,000 emails sent freely unlimited number of sent daily. Goi Lite is the most basic package with genuine automation. There are also SMS but of course sent to Vietnam with sml always.

Meet Sendinblue thought it was a happy marriage. But no doubt life is not like a dream, green opaque right after 6 months.

Suddenly, one day, Sendinblue blocked his account, saying “you sent too much. I found a risk of spamming, so I locked the account”. Sent an email to swear it “spam the cc, open rate 20-30%, complaint rate below 0.05% but suspect something, with my build list. I didn’t buy it indiscriminately”. Then came here it just offered “stop you buy dedicated IP, add 26 USD / month only”. When I came here, suspected that this was his upsell. Asked my brothers who used email marketing to know who to use, and sent it regularly when he told me to buy dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP is kind of a personal IP used to send mail, not shared with other guys. So I send comfortably, spam does not affect other guys. As for using the common IP packages. Every email provider he monitors closely to avoid affecting other guys using the same IP.

At that time. It was calculated that the time is 25 USD for lite package + 26USD to buy dedicated IP is 51USD already. Not to mention the number of contacts up to nearly 20,000 contacts, in which month there are 2 3 campaigns + with automatic email string is almost 40,000 emails. About to upgrade to a 39USD package for 60,000 emails already. And 39 + 26 = 65 USD is quite sour.

So hurry to find an alternative within 1 day!


Go online again to search to see who sent email cheaper. It turns out that if you only buy the Email Sever package, the price is extremely cheap. For example, Amazon Ses send emails only 1 USD for 10,000 emails, then elastic mail, sendgrid is also very cheap.

At this point. I understand that guys like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue are just selling Software (also called interface and mailing function) + Email server packaged into a service so it’s expensive. And the market also has clients that send mail in the form of WordPress Plugin or a php application installed on hosting to handle sending mail. And these mailing clients only cost a few tens of usd + once to install and attach to an email server to send freely!

Both 1 truth lit bright!

Start searching deep into each email server, the ads of Sendy appear. Immediately impressed by the title of the email newsletter 100 times cheaper!

Start searching through your Amazon SES account registration, 1 year free to 60,000 emails! Also sending extremely cheap emails always only 1USD for 10,000 mail.

Buyy immediately bought only 49USD only, install the stablehost hosting promotions lifetime calculated to have 20USD for 4 years. Calculating less than 1USD 1 month, plus sending 60,000 emails per month costs 6USD total 7USD. Compared to Sendinblue is up to 90% cheaper!

When moving to sendy, the price is really cheap, meeting the basic needs of sending cheap email plus fast (extremely fast. I sending dozens of thousands of emails but only about 1 hour is finished) but there are limitations like after:

Automation: there is absolutely no thread-only sending
No integration Contact management: can not see the interaction information of each contact
Classified list is fast but no automatic filtering, manually uploading it up. Quite annoying if you want to filter the list of contacts that have opened mail or clicked on emails. Must do the whole hand
But only because I am nutritious and cheap, it is not good and it is worth trying to bite. Sendy is very suitable for people who send spam emails because they send a lot and fast. However, it only goes with each Amazon SES, but now Amazon squeezes extremely tight, sending a tiny bit of account lockup right away!

Spending somewhere a year, the lead was too much, the new lead came from inbound activities a lot. But each time the campaign had to filter, manually download the list of people who open mail, click from 5 campaigns The most recent translation has to upload the contact itself to create a new list to send mail. Oh I said drowning is drowning!


Known Mautic since the time of version 1.x.x from 2015. At that time there was a demo demo but not qualified enough to spend and not yet determined because still happy with sendinblue as mentioned above.

Later when using Sendy tired then seriously consider Mautic. Mautic is a very comprehensive open source marketing automation solution and especially FREE only costs sever servers to build it up. The function is extremely good: integrating mini CRM, email marketing, landing page, form, sms.

Mautic Interface - Cut Email Marketing Costs
Mautic Interface – Cut Email Marketing Costs

But at the time of 2016, I only saw it in the search for an alternative solution for the Email Marketing Client above.

Determination to convert from Sendy to Mautic is quite arduous!

1) The first difficulty is to install, use CPanel to install on the hosting. Oh Mautic can’t run, but can’t be manipulated on VPS. Had to ask Freelancer to install it for me. Then I had to install it while I was groping and testing the function for 2 weeks to complete the installation!

2) Next, you need to reconfigure the whole lead taking system to pour into Mautic

3) Next, transfer the entire email thread

Working slowly after 2 months, you will be finished, officially moving to Mautic from the end of 2016 until now.

Not to mention the marketing automation function of Mautic (which is really delicious), only when sending email marketing. Mautic also made me satisfied in the following points.

Email Marketing Costs

Because it is opensource, it only costs hosting / vps, about 5 to 10 usd / month. Data is mine, I own it always. The cost of sending mail is dependent on the mail server, basically ranging from 1 USD to 5 USD for 10,000 emails.

Managing contacts

Mautic contact manager can act as a mini CRM with full functions such as: recording contact activity on website, email; contact information notes; Customizable information fields belonging to 1 contact.

 Mautic - Cut Email Marketing Costs
Mautic – Cut Email Marketing Costs

Create segmentation

If in mailchimp contact is added to lists called Audience, then in mautic simpler management. All contacts will be stored in the contact manager and the segmentation section is like a filter to divide groups / lists of contacts into different groups.

The segmentation in mautic is extremely flexible, can filter by all the fields of information in the contact, and can also filter by the ACTION of contacts. For example, filter out people who have been active in a specific time recently. Filter out people who have read a specific email, or filter out people who have clicked on a specific email link. In general, the filtering mechanism is extremely flexible.

 Mautic - Cut Email Marketing Costs
Mautic – Cut Email Marketing Costs

What’s more special is that Segmentation here is a dynamic list. Meaning that the contact meets the predefined filter so that it automatically enters into Segment. In the past, sendy wanted to manipulate the list of people who interacted in the last 5 campaigns to manually click on each campaign, download the excel file of the people who interacted and manually upload those 5 lists from 5 Campaigns up to create a new list. Of course, if you want to update the list, you must manually download and upload again.

As for Mautic, you only need to set the filter, it adds itself, just fill it.

And this segment is used to be a mailing list

Send email

Sending emails in Mautic specifically likes its personalization capabilities. If with mailchimp the doctor just personalizes the name, Mautic can personalize all the information fields stored in the contacts.

In addition, the send and stop timer functions are also particularly necessary. Because Mautic mailing mechanism is a dynamic list by segment, so every time a new contact segment is updated, the email will automatically be sent to that contact. Simply put, there is no need to send the email again and again when there is a new contact. Real estate guys often use this function.

For example, the open-sale event is October 31, 2019, and early October from October 1, 2019. You have launched the email campaign “Invite to the sale event” into the segment of potential customers and want Whenever there are new leads added to the lead segment, just send an invitation email to the event, until after October 25, 2019, stop sending anymore. So, just write the email “Invitation to attend the opening sale event” and select the segment as “potential customer”. Whenever a new customer just adds to the “lead” segment, there is no need to send mail again!

Flexibility in choosing email delivery providers

As mentioned above, mautic or sendy are mailing software, and for it to send, it needs to plug into the mail server. Mautic allows you to plug in any mail server as long as it has the SMTP protocol.

This results in very low mailing costs, only 1/5 to 1/10 when using pre-packaged Email Marketing solutions. And when email delivery rates are low, just changing the email server in section install.

It’s done! It has no effect on system settings. Contact list is not affected, the mailing operation is also not affected.

Unlike when changing from one packaged Email Marketing solution, to another solution. Most of the process has to be set up from the beginning, the contact must download itself and transfer to the new platform extremely complicated.

Disadvantages of Mautic

Speak well to say back. Mautic is really delicious but cheap to use.

The first is the installation stage, the configuration is extremely complicated, someone who is not technically competent cannot install it correctly!
Next is the functionality it has available, but few pre-packaged items (templates) such as packaged email marketing solutions. Bad pre-built templates and rice for both email template, landing page.
It takes a lot of time to use all the functions of mautic

Report is a little bit lame and less detailed
Running 1 time much data will be heavy, lag

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