You can get paid £45 an hour to tutor kids while playing Fortnite, FIFA and more

Tutoring is an easy way to earn a bit of money on the side, but combine it with playing video games and it’s a dream job. Here’s how it works. 
You can get paid £45 an hour to tutor kids while playing Fortnite, FIFA and more
You can get paid £45 an hour to tutor kids while playing Fortnite, FIFA and more

If getting paid to play video games sounds like your idea of heaven, then this opportunity will be right up your street – as long as you don’t mind combining it with a spot of Maths tutoring.

An online tutoring agency is calling for people to teach kids English, maths and languages while you’re both playing video games like Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty.

Plus, you could even earn a whopping £45 an hour for doing so. Interested? Read on and we’ll explain how to apply for this dream way to make money!

Learning through video games

Video games and Pythagoras don’t sound like they would naturally go together, but science suggests that playing video games can actually aid learning.

Research has shown that just one hour of video gaming can increase the brain’s ability to focus, as it improves visual selective attention.

Plus, it’s been suggested that expert gamers have “more brain activity associated with attention than non-experts”, suggesting that a video game addiction is no bad thing.

With teenagers these days spending an average of 12.2 hours a week playing video games, it makes sense to use some of that time for extra productivity.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House – the company offering the service – said:

We’re hoping that by offering children a ‘gaming’ tutor, it’ll get them more excited for learning and help their brains function more efficiently.

Make money playing video games

It sounds like a multitasking nightmare, but tutoring while playing computer games is simpler than you’d think.

Tutors discuss learning material with students while playing video games together. Tutors will schedule in regular breaks for students to complete work while concentrating fully, before getting back on the console.

  • How to become a private tutor

No doubt the incentive of another round of Fortnite will encourage your students to get through the next set of equations sharpish.

Tutors can work remotely or in person, and according to Tutor House, you can expect to earn a minimum of £45 per hour. If you’re working remotely, just remember you’ll need access to your own console and the desired game before you start.

How to become a gaming tutor

You can sign up through Tutor House by submitting a CV with your qualifications and what subjects you can teach.

Importantly, you’ll also have to say which consoles and games you have access to, and disclose your gaming ability – so now’s the time to brush up on your FIFA skills.

Why not impress them with an actual video game CV – just one example of an alternative CV which will help you stand out from the crowd.

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